Cadbury Dairy Milk – Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye

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Brand Essence: Spontaneous, Happiness, Joyous feelings

Benefits Derived from Cadbury Brand:

Brand Extension for Cadbury Dairy Milk

Brand Extension is a marketing strategy in which a firm that markets a product with a well-developed image uses the same brand name but in a different product category. Brands use this as a strategy to increase and leverage equity.

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk is positioned as “the chocolate with the goodness of Milk”.
  • Targeted: Across all ages
  • It gives the feeling of Indulgence, happiness, casual and independent attitude.
  • Cadbury is always shown as: Half full glass of milk pouring into chocolate and forming the C of Cadbury.

Brand Extension 1: Chocolate Flavoured Milk “Dairy Milk Delicious”

The properties described above are in a way similar to as represented by Flavoured Milk category. For introducing chocolate flavoured milk, Dairy Milk brand should be extended which gives the similar feelings.

Some of the features of the flavoured milk market in India:

  • Rs 250 crore – Size of the flavoured milk market in India
    • 60% Share of Amul
    • 2nd largest block: Saras (Rajasthan), Verka (Punjab) and Nandini (Karnataka)
    • Other players: Britannia, Nestle

Target Age Group: 10-40 yrs (Youth Category)

Package: 175-200ml, priced at Rs.15, as other competitor’s products are also available in 150-200ml bottle packages priced Rs.15-20.

Creative Brief:

A father and his 12 year old son head home after playing tennis. They look all drained and tired and the mother offers them a glass of plain milk. Both of them show discontent and ask for something “delicious”. The mother offers them Dairy Milk Delicious, which they drink and feel revived.

Brand Extension 2: Chocolate Corn Flakes – “Dairy Choco Flakes”

Corn Flakes are positioned as: Highly Nutritious morning breakfast, which is easy to prepare for growing children and young adults.

Cadbury chocolate has the attributes which are similar like chocolate flavour (functional), fun loving, independent, wholesome and taste. These attributes makes it possible to extend the Dairy Milk brand into chocolate corn flakes category.

Corn Flakes Market in India:

  • 400-crore cornflakes market (growing at 20 per cent per annum)
  • Kellogg commands around 70 per cent market share
  • According to analysts, it is easy to penetrate the breakfast market for packaged foods companies, since Indians have set habits and tastes for other meals like lunch and dinner.

Target Age Group: 8-30 years (growing children to young adults)

Creative Brief:

The TV commercial shows two kids getting up early and preparing Dairy Choco Flakes for breakfast for themselves and their parents. They then carry their parents’ breakfast to the bedroom where their parents are still asleep. They wake them up and wish them ‘ Happy Marriage Day’ and the entire family is shown having Dairy Choco Flakes in the bedroom.

Brand Extension 3: Chocolate Flavoured Ice Cream “Dairy Milk Rich”

Ice cream is the most indulging form of milk. With richness of milk and enchanting chocolate flavour of Cadbury, Dairy Milk brand should be extended which gives the similar feelings in the form of Chocolate Ice cream.

Some of the features of the ice cream market in India:


  • Indian Icecream Industry  : Rs 2000 Cr
  • Growth rate is approx 12%
    • Amul 38%
    • Other players:  Kwality Walls at 14%, Vadilal at 12% and Mother Diary at 8% and other local ice cream makers

Target Age Group: 15-35 yrs (Youth Category)

Package: In the form of cups with sizes of 25ml, 50ml and 100 ml. Tubs of size 500ml and 1 Lt.

Creative Brief:

A rich, attractive girl is shown standing on the side of a highway with her Mercedes broken down. She is profusely sweating in the heat and there is no one to help her. A rich guy comes along in his BMW and offers her lift. Inside the car, she asks him if he has anything to drink. The guy gives her an icebox inside which Diary Milk Rich (50 ml) cup is present. The girl quenches her thirst using the ice cream.

Line extension 1 : Fruity Chocolates  – “Dairy Milk Fruitlets”

Positioning: Rich creamy chocolate with goodness and taste of fruits for all age groups.  It will be variation of Dairy Milk chocolate priced slightly above Dairy Milk range.

Similarity with Dairy Milk: It has similar attributes like dairy milk: Same ingredients with addition of individual fruit flavours.

Fruity Chocolates Market in India:


  • Relatively a new form In packaged chocolate market
  • Common in European countries but quite unexplored market in India

Target Age Group: 8-35 years

  • Children will enjoy the taste of fruits
  • Adults being health conscious would like to have goodness of fruits with chocolate

Creative brief:

Three children are sitting in a room. The first kid eats Fruitlet (strawberry) and a giant strawberry falls on him. The second child eats Fruitlet (grape) and a bunch of giant grapes fall on him. The third child puts on a helmet and eats Fruitlet (apple) nervously. First nothing happens, but as soon as he removes his helmet, a giant apple falls on him. The three children are finally shown rising out of the giant fruits smiling and enjoying the Fruitlets.

Line extension 2 : Molten Chocolate  – “Dairy milk Choco swirl”

Positioning: Rich, creamy, thick molten chocolate for all ages. It will be a new form of chocolate that will be placed as a premium product.

Similarity with Dairy Milk: It has similar attributes like dairy milk: Same ingredients, same taste. Only form differs.

Molten chocolate Market in India:


  • Relatively a new form In packaged chocolate market
  • Served in some coffee restaurants on order

Target Age Group: 8-35 years

  • Children will enjoy the taste
  • Adults will enjoy the molten form

Tagline for campaign: Melt your senses

Creative Brief:

A couple is sitting in a restaurant. The girlfriend is angry for some reason. The boyfriend tries to calm her down by giving her ice cream, chocolate, flowers, pastry but the girl does not heed to his persuasions. Finally, the guy offers her Dairy Milk Choco Swirl. The girl’s eyes lit up and she becomes happy and the couple is shown enjoying the Swirl together. The message ‘Melt your senses’ is shown flashing across the screen.

Line extension 3 : Chocolate in different shapes  – “Dairy milk Lopozz”

Positioning: Interesting and appealing shape of the chocolates would attract children. Chocolates are in shapes of animals, fruits, people, trees etc.

Similarity with Dairy Milk: It has similar attributes like dairy milk: Same ingredients, same taste. Only form differs.

Different shapes chocolate Market in India:

  • Amul has a milk chocolate Amul Chocozoo in shapes of animals

Target Age Group: 3-12 years

  • Children will enjoy the taste
  • Children will get attracted because of the shapes

Tagline for campaign: Aao khelein jungle mein

Creative Brief:

6 Children are shown playing in a park with various Lopozz characters – Elephant, Lion, Banana, Shaktimaan, Rabbit, Turtle. The elephant eats the banana, shaktimaan is shown fighting with the lion and the rabbit and turtle are competing in a race.

Background Music : ‘Aao khelein jungle mein’


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